Japanese Girls Never Die

Daigo Matsui, 2016 (100m)

Japanese Girls Never Die

Haruko (played by Hana and Alice’s Yu Aoi) is stuck in a rut. Rapidly hurtling towards her 30s, she’s stuck in a dead-end job. She has fallen for her eccentric neighbour Soga, but he constantly rebuffs any affection she shows. One day, Haruko mysteriously disappears without a trace. A wanted poster featuring her face catches the attention of Manabu and Yukio, two wannabe graffiti artists. On a whim, they create a stencil of the poster and start spraying it onto walls around the town. They’re soon joined by the giddy 20-year-old Aina, and within days the trio have unexpectedly transformed Haruko’s image into a pop culture phenomenon. Meanwhile, a group of roving schoolgirls is being blamed for a series of random attacks on young men in the area...


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