Lu Over the Wall

Masaaki Yuasa , 2017 (112m)

Lu Over the Wall

Following his parents’ divorce, loner teenager Kai moves with his father from Tokyo to the declining fishing town of Hinashi to live with his grandfather. He finds little to amuse him in this new location, preferring to spend long periods by himself creating music on his laptop and sharing it on the internet. When his classmates Kunio and Yuho discover his online identity, they want him to join their band, which Kai is finally persuaded to do when he hears they practise on the local remote and allegedly haunted Merfolk Island. But they aren’t the only ones drawn to Kai’s catchy tunes. Lu is a rare twin-tailed mermaid girl, who loves to sing and whose whole being transforms when she hears music. But Lu’s friendship with Kai is sure to lead to disaster in a town where local fears and superstitions about the merfolk could place her in danger…


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