Dear Etranger

Yukiko Mishima , 2017 (127m)

Dear Etranger

It’s been several years since Makoto divorced his first wife. He has remained a loving father to their daughter Saori, despite not seeing her as often as he’d like. He has also long-since remarried, and lives a mostly happy life with his second wife Nanae. While he has a great relationship with Nanae’s youngest child Eriko, his older foster daughter Kaoru has struggled to accept his presence. When Nanae announces she is pregnant, the fissures in the family suddenly start to become more pronounced. Things become even more fraught when Eriko starts asking about meeting her estranged biological father - a man who has a dark history. As the tensions mount, Makoto finds himself wondering if his second marriage is destined to go in the same direction as his first


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