Her Sketchbook

Masaya Ozaki, 2017 (106m)

Her Sketchbook

Over the last five years, Mami (Mugi Kadowaki) has barely left her house. She is a ‘hikikomori’ - a young adult who has become a social recluse. She instead spends most of her time drawing fantasy characters in her sketchbook. Worried about his daughter’s well-being, her father Eisuke finds Mami a job working as a video-game tester. While Mami tries to keep to herself in her new role, a colleague named Ryotaro happens to discover his new co-worker’s talent for drawing. Facing tight deadlines, Ryotaro decides to get Mami on board as a member of the studio’s art team. But the challenge of drawing insular Mami out of her self-imposed shell proves to be no small undertaking…


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