The Blood of Wolves

Kazuya Shiraishi, 2018 (126m)

The Blood of Wolves

It’s the late 1980s, and Shogo Ogami is a veteran cop who’s rumoured to have ties to the yakuza. He’s partnered with straight-laced rookie Hioka to investigate the disappearance of an accountant who has links to gangsters. It doesn’t take long for Hioka to become appalled by the unconventional and sometimes illegal actions of Ogami. He reports his partner to the higher-ups in the police force, who are only interested in trying to secure Ogami’s secret diary - an apparent treasure trove of information about the city’s gang leaders. Meanwhile, Ogami and Hioka’s search for the missing man sees them end up in the middle of a brewing yakuza turf war. As the situation becomes more dangerous, the younger man realises there might be more to Ogami’s unorthodox approach than meets the eye.


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