Every Day A Good Day

Tatsushi Omori, 2018 (100m)

Every Day A Good Day

University student Noriko is about to graduate but isn’t really sure what she wants to do with her life. When she and her cousin Michiko start attending a Japanese tea ceremony class, Noriko unexpectedly develops a passion for the practice. The ritual of the ceremony and the connection she makes with her teacher Mrs. Takeda, provide Noriko with a place where she feels safe, and over the years also provide solace as she navigates the ups and downs of life. Tatsushi Omori adapted the essays of author Noriko Morishita about her 25 years as a student of Tea, to deliver this beautiful, graceful and moving rite-of-passage drama, which brings the traditional world of tea ceremony to life. Every Day A Good Day is also very poignant for Japanese cinema, as it stars the wonderful legendary actress Kirin Kiki (Shoplifters) in her final film role.



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