Fly Me To Saitama

Hideki Takeuchi, 2019 (107m)

Fly Me To Saitama

Imagine a world where anyone from outside the kingdom of Tokyo needs a visa to enter the capital, especially if you come from the prefecture of Saitama! In this world Momomi is the privileged son of Tokyo’s governor and also chair of the student council at the elite Hakuhodo Academy. When mysterious student Rei transfers to the school from the US, Momomi is simultaneously threatened by and attracted to the new arrival. But when Momomi discovers that Rei has a secret, things take an unexpected turn… The latest from director Hideki Takeuchi (who brought us the popular time-travelling tale Thermae Romae at JFF13), is a zany, fantastical comedy adapted from a classic 1982 manga. A massive box-office hit in Japan, Fly Me Saitama also picked up three Japanese Academy Awards earlier this year. Packed full of crazy humour (and costumes), lots of energy and over-the-top action, we’re definitely kicking things off with a bang!



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