It's A Summer Film

Soushi Matsumoto, 2021 (97m)

It's A Summer Film

Teenager Barefoot is obsessed with samurai films. She spends her days watching and re-watching chanbara classics with her two best friends - Blue Hawaii, who is a kendo enthusiast, and sci-fi geek Kickboard. Bored with the school film club and their plans to produce another rom-com directed by her rival classmate, Barefoot decides to bring her own unrealised Samurai Spring script to life with the help of her friends. Whilst preparing for production Barefoot also meets Rintaro, who would be perfect for the lead samurai role in her film … Featuring Marika Ito - former member of the pop idol group Nogizaka46, and now an actress – as the headstrong Barefoot, this impressive feature debut from director Soushi Matsumoto is a real charmer. Matsumoto mixes a female focused coming-of-age story with themes of romance and sci-fi, to deliver a bright, light-hearted, comedy that also demonstrates a true love for cinema. You’ll definitely want to indulge in some Zatoichi films after watching It’s A Summer Film!



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