Company Retreat

Atsushi Funahashi, 2021 (135m)

Company Retreat

A group of workers from a hotel chain gather for what they hope will be a relaxing retreat in a seaside town. A recent scandal - where a female receptionist Saki (Saki Hirai) was sexually harassed by a senior manager - has cast a dark shadow over both the company and the getaway. While everyone tries to move on from the very public controversy, online trolls continue to target Saki for reporting the harassment incident in the first place. Tensions rise in the group when it emerges one of their own may have been the person responsible for leaking Saki’s name and picture online. Director Atsushi Funahashi’s film is based on true events - specific names and details have been changed, but Funahashi has made a remarkable effort to make the story and conversations as authentic as possible. The result is a documentary-style drama that proves a sharp, incisive look at the fallout of a scandal. Timely and urgent, this is not just the startling story of one specific harassment case - it is also a deeper look at how Japanese culture and society has responded to the global #MeToo movement.


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