Office Royale

Seki Kazuaki , 2021 (102m)

Office Royale

26-year-old Naoko is an OL – “office lady” – at a large firm. Happy with their mundane but comfortable work routines, she and her close clerk friends avoid the internal wars that take place between the yankis – the all-female office worker gangs who fight each other for the right to be number one on the company’s territory. When new employee Ran arrives, she and Naoko quickly become friends. But to Naoko’s surprise, Ran reveals herself to be an office warrior who quickly challenges and disposes of each of the existing gang leaders one by one. As Ran’s reputation as the undisputed warrior travels, an outside yanki seeks to dethrone her and take control of the company turf. If Ran is defeated, who will be left to stand up for the company’s honour. Already tagged by some as Mean Girls meets Battle Royale, the similarity to the latter’s name alone should flag that this first feature from director Seki Kazuaki has its tongue firmly in cheek! Although not based on a manga, Office Royale gleefully uses the conventions of the comic-book form to satirise the social traditions of the Japanese work place. Frantic, sassy, and highly entertaining Office Royale gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “girl power”.



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