Tokyo Revengers

Tsutomu Hanabusa, 2021 (120m)

Tokyo Revengers

26-year-old Takemichi Hanagaki (Takumi Kitamura) is stuck in a rut - lazily drifting through life without direction. One day, he gets the shocking news that his high school sweetheart Hinata (Mio Imada) and her younger brother Naoto (Y?suke Sugino) have been killed by the violent Tokyo Manji gang. Soon after, Takemichi himself is attacked and pushed in front of an incoming train. Just before he is hit, however, he is suddenly transported back in time ten years to his high school days. Gifted with a new ability to travel through time, a reinvigorated Takemichi now has a chance to set things right and try to save Hinata and Naoto. However, time travel is never easy… The hugely popular manga series Tokyo Revengers comes to the big screen in this hugely entertaining live-action adaptation. Time travel, romance, yakuza drama, ambitious action scenes - Tokyo Revengers has it all.



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