Junk Head

Takahide Hori, 2021 (101m)

Junk Head

In the distant future, humankind is facing extinction as people - now genetically-modified to live extremely long lives - have lost their ability to reproduce. In a mysterious and vast underground world, however, an artificial life-form is able to reproduce at an incredible rate. A cyborg explorer takes on a mission to head down into the subterranean world, hoping to discover genetic secrets that could save humankind. There are lots of dangerous and terrifying creatures guarding those secrets, but also some unexpected allies who view the lone explorer from the surface as a god… The stunning stop-motion animation Junk Head started life as a short film - made almost entirely by writer / director Takehide Hori alone and hailed by Guillermo del Toro as a “work of deranged brilliance”. Now, Irish audiences have a chance to see the feature-length version of the visionary sci-fi journey. Full of grotesque creatures, bizarre sights and unexpected comedy, Junk Head is a gloriously strange yet charming animated trip that’s quite unlike anything else.



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