The Asadas!

Royota Nakano, 2020 (127m)

The Asadas!

Ever since he was a teenager, Masashi Asada (Kazunari Ninomiya) has loved photography. For a college assignment, he decides to take a staged photo of his own family. The Asadas enjoy the experience so much that they decide to take part in a whole series of fun cosplay photos - dressing up as everything from firefighters to superheroes. Initially, nobody outside the family is interested in Masashi’s photos, but an unexpected award soon turns the Asada family photobook into a surprise hit. Masashi then tours Japan taking photos of other families. When the devastating 2011 earthquake hits Fukushima, Masashi travels back to find the first family he photographed after his own. It’s there he starts discovering what a family photo can really mean to people… Director Royota Nakano is a JFF favourite, with his previous films such as Her Love Boils Bathwater having proven hugely popular with Irish audiences. The Asadas! - inspired by the real-life experiences of photographer Masashi Asada - is another charmer, guaranteed to win over viewers with its spirited story of photography and family.



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