Dawning on Us

Kenji Yamauchi, 2021 (135m)

Dawning on Us

During the COVID-19 lockdown, young married couple Kosuke and Sara found themselves isolating in the same house as Kosuke’s parents. With society finally reopening, Kosuke and Sara find themselves wondering whether they should finally try to have a baby. There are two big problems, though: their sex life has become non-existent, while Kosuke is having an affair. Kosuke’s mother, meanwhile, makes no secret about her longing for a grandchild, but she is also struggling to tolerate her own husband’s indiscretions. Dawning on Us is the latest film from talented playwright, actor and director Kenji Yamauchi, whose previous film At The Terrace was screened at JFF 2018. His fourth feature is a witty yet biting social satire, taking aim at the peculiarities of marriage and the pressures of family life. It’s a film that’s surprising, provocative and, of course, very funny.


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