Goodbye, Don Glees!

Atsuko Ishizuka, 2022 (95m)

Goodbye, Don Glees!

As children, Toto and Roma were best friends who had their own special club - the Don Glees. However, the pair were separated when Toto moved to Tokyo to attend high school. Returning to his hometown for the summer, Toto discovers Roma has invited a new member to the club - a younger boy nameed Drop. Trying to make the most of their time together, Roma buys a drone to film the friends setting off their own fireworks display. But when the drone loses control and flies off course, the three boys set off on a lengthy overnight hike to recover it. It’s a trip that will lead to some profound emotional revelations for the trio… Atsuko Ishizuka’s coming-of-age anime is full of humour and excitement, but come prepared to shed a few tears as well. This is a stunningly animated story about friendship and growing up - and it includes quite a few more references to Ireland than your typical anime!



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