Just Remembering

Daigo Matsui, 2021 (115m)

Just Remembering

Just Remembering is a relationship drama told in reverse order. Yo is a taxi driver who gets brief glimpses into her passengers’ lives as she shuttles them around Tokyo. Her ex-boyfriend Teruo is a theater worker whose dreams of becoming a professional dancer were dashed by a bad injury. Over the course of the film, writer/director Daigo Matsui shows us the same day of the year in the couple’s lives - Teruo’s birthday - but jumps back one year every time. Their relationship deteriorates over the course of several years, but we also see what brought these two people together in the first place. Matsui was openly inspired by Jim Jarmusch’s classic taxi-based anthology film Night on Earth, but here he uses an episodic structure to create a tender study of young love and the challenges of keeping that spark alive. It’s a film that starts with a bittersweet ending, but works backwards to show that not every formative relationship ends with ‘happy ever after’.



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