Shin Ultraman

Shinji Higuchi, 2022 (112m)

Shin Ultraman

The arrival of giant ‘kaiju’ (alien monsters) on Earth prompts the Japanese government to set up the S-Class Species Suppression Protocol enforcement unit to coordinate the world’s response to the alien threat. The crew of planners and scientists works together to defeat the new enemy. However, they find they have an unexpected ally when a mysterious silver giant arrives from space. They give the extra-terrestrial hero a nickname - Ultraman! The creative team behind the acclaimed Shin Godzilla and the Evangelion series triumphantly revisits another beloved Japanese ’tokusatsu’ series with the superheroepic Shin Ultraman. It’s a film that brings the iconic character into the modern cinematic age, while still memorably capturing the pulpy, over-the-top energy that made Ultraman so popular in the first place.



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