Anshul Chauhan, 2022 (99m)


Katsu and Sumiko’s lives were shattered after their daughter was murdered by a classmate. The trauma of the murder and subsequent trial ultimately led to their divorce. Seven years later, they find themselves revisiting the past when their daughter’s murderer Kana secures a retrial that could potentially lead to her release. Spending time together again in challenging circumstances, Katsu and Sumiko must revisit the trauma of their daughter’s death. As the retrial progresses, they also find themselves confronting difficult questions around justice and forgiveness. With December, Japan-based Indian filmmaker Anshul Chauhan has crafted a probing courtroom drama. It confronts challenging themes with care and nuance, successfully negotiating the moral and emotional conundrums many other courtroom dramas push to the side. Mononymous stars Megumi and Shogen are both excellent here, as is Ryô Matsuura as the troubled yet ruminative Kana.



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