New Religion

Keishi Kondo, 2022 (100m)

New Religion

Miyabi’s life and marriage collapsed following the death of her young daughter in a tragic accident. Years later, she is living with a new boyfriend and has taken a job as a sex worker. One day, she enters the eerie apartment of a mysterious client named Oka. Oka only wants one thing: to take a picture of Miyabi’s spine. After fulfilling that strange request, Miyabi discovers she unexpectedly has a new sensory connection to her deceased daughter. She returns to Oka, and every photograph taken brings her a step closer to her daughter. But at the same time, Miyabi’s grip on the world around her starts to slip. Keishi Kondo’s eerie debut feature is a fresh type of J-horror filmmaking. Artfully upending the usual expectations of the horror genre, the atmospheric and experimental New Religion marks the welcome arrival of a significant new voice in Japanese independent cinema.



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